Five Tech Leaders. Five Case Studies. Five Ways to Use Net Promoter to Build Sustainable Growth and Continued Innovation. 

Innovation doesn't always start at the first line of code. For tech leaders like Apple, Cisco and SAP, it starts by looking at the driver of the product journey: the customer.

In this edition of the industry case study series, you'll walk through tech companies who are across the spectrum in terms of Net Promoter Scores®, but all delivering on one important promise: using their NPS program to promote growth and improve the customer experience.

Find all the insights:

  • Learn how Apple nailed customer service
  • Discover how SAP used customer feedback to improve migration and set yearly NPS targets
  • Find out how Cisco used negative feedback to enhance shipping practices 
  • Learn what Veeam did to increase their Net Promoter Score by +43 from 30 to 73 in 3 years 
  • And see how HPE Software linked NPS to revenue

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