Fintech is Changing the Way Customers Think About Finance. 

71% of customers have found that technology has made it easier to have products across multiple financial providers. As such, the fintech industry is booming—offering services that enhance the customer experience beyond what traditional financial services can offer.

As shown in this collection of case studies, consumer confidence in this emerging vertical is high, with Net Promoter Scores® ranging from 90 to 78. In this guide, we'll walk through the secret sauce driving the customer experience success of some of the biggest names in fintech. 

Discover all the customer experience secrets of fintech, including:

  • SoFi's combination of professional services, roboadvising/technical innovations, and entrepreneurial programs
  • Funding Circle's "white glove service" and improved rate transparency 
  • OnDeck's automated closed-loop processes  
  • Affirm's Net Promoter Score growth of +9 to +82. 
  • LendingClub's "Silicon Valley client approach" to customer experience. 

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