As your Net Promoter program matures and you’re able to track trends, it’s vital your business clearly proves ROI to generate growth within your program. If you’re here, that means you’re looking to join the ranks of companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software and Cisco in correlating your NPS program to revenue or, more specifically, retention rates, referral values and up- and cross sales.

In this eBook, you’ll find a guide to the final stages of the Monetized Net Promoter methodology.

Within these pages, you’ll discover best practices in:

  • Adding and correlating revenue figures with your Net Promoter program
  • Measuring your retention rate and Customer Referral Value (CRV)
  • Finding the impact online reviews have on your bottom line
  • Improving retention rates
  • Growing referral business, up-sales and cross-sales using Net Promoter data
  • And more! 

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Find the ROI of Your NPS Program