Your Monetized Net Promoter journey starts HERE. As the first eBook in our ongoing series, this comprehensive guide will discuss the first step in mastering a revenue-generating Net Promoter program: measuring customer feedback.

After all, how will you ever master customer experience without talking and listening to your customers? Surveying and digging deep into customer feedback is necessary in any successful customer experience program.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

✔  Best practices and benchmarks on how to create a comprehensive survey program (based on data from our industry-wide survey)—from how many questions you should ask to how frequently you should ask them. 

✔  A how-to on the best ways to avoid skewing your NPS data (something we call "gaming the system"). 

✔ Steps for enhancing your surveys with drivers and the finer points of conducting driver analysis.

✔  A walk through on performing root cause interviews to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment. 

  And much more...


Take the First Step in Monetizing NPS