Say goodbye to heritage NPS® and hello to the future: Monetized Net Promoter®. This e-book will dive into how Monetized Net Promoter turns NPS into more than just a loyalty metric, but also a compass for growth. The four steps within the new model, Measure, Act, Monetize and Grow, will provide a road map for success when building your own NPS program.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

✔  A synopsis of research from our ground-breaking Next-Generation Net Promoter white paper

✔  Tactics on how to improve relationship and transactional surveys and the benefits of performing driver analysis  

✔  Steps for closing the loop at the frontline, management and executive level

✔  How to tie referral marketing to your NPS program as well as calculate retention rates, referral value, etc.

  And much more...


Become a Monetized NPS Expert!