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CustomerGauge Live! April 11, 2024

How Top CPG Brands Are Using Real-Time CX

Ever wonder how the biggest names in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) use real-time customer feedback?

If so, this webinar is for you.

Join us as we walk through the most common use cases for real-time customer experience (CX) to learn how you can make it your lasting competitive advantage.

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What to Expect

Five Use Cases That Scale Business With "Always-On" Feedback

From eB2B marketplaces to traditional wholesalers, CPG is facing a new omnichannel reality. Due to this digital shift, companies that hold onto the old ways of collecting channel feedback will fall behind, fast.

That's why our webinar will share five use cases on how CPG brands use our operational management tool to transform business.

You'll learn how top CPG companies:

  • Leverage real-time feedback in Traditional Trade
  • Stay on top of their key (and most valuable) accounts within Modern Trade
  • Have their Global Commercial Capabilities Directors utilize customer experience software and the features they use most
  • Use real-time feedback to make their frontline heroes in the eyes of customers
  • ...and much more!

CPG Experience Experts

Our Speakers

Learn more about the leaders speaking at CustomerGauge Live!
Trishaala Chengappa

VP Product Management & Customer Support,

Cary T. Self

Global Vice President of Education & Program Development,

Previous Perspectives

Join in on the Conversation With Industry Leaders

Our favorite way to learn? Bring the top voices in CPG on stage to share their experiences, challenges, and aha moments that have led to ongoing success.

With a shift as big as CPG digital transformation, you won't want to miss a front-row seat to these expert insights.


How Real-Time CX Is The Future Of CPG B2B Customer Feedback

CustomerGauge CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Dorrell, and CPG Experience Council Chairman Nigel Tordoff pulled back the curtain on the state of the industry.


How Heineken Amps up Their B2B Customer Experience

Stefan Visser, Lead VoC Program, and Iris Boon, Program Manager VoC at Heineken, discuss their path to customer centricity through a voice of customer program.


Coca-Cola HBC Captures Real-Time Customer Data With AX

Natasa Prodanovic, Head of Lean and Agile Center of Excellence, took the Monetize! stage in Amsterdam to share her team's incredible customer and employee experience journey.


How AB InBev Launched AX Across 27+ Global Markets

Sr. Global Director of Contact Strategy, Luiz Gondim, rolled out CustomerGauge Account Experience across 27+ global markets to start collecting feedback from their distribution network.

The Monetize! Agenda

Non-Stop Insights

Your Day at a Glance
  1. 8:00AM EST / 2PM CET

    Welcome to the Frontline Revenue Revolution

    Camilla Scholten
    COO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

    Adam Dorrell
    CEO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

  2. 8:05AM EST / 2:05PM CET

    The Frontline-First Future

    Adam Dorrell
    CEO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

  3. 8:20AM EST / 2:20PM CET

    HEINEKEN's Journey to Becoming the Best-Connected Brewery in the World

    Maikel De Roo
    Senior Global Customer Service & Logistics Lead

    Iris Boon
    Program Manager, Voice of Customer

    Angela Weigend
    Customer Care Program Manager

    Assumpta Onyegbule
    Customer Centricity Manager, Nigerian Breweries PLC

  4. 8:35AM EST / 2:35PM CET

    How Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Rolled Out Account Experience Across Japan

    Ohno Kazuhito (大野 和仁)
    Head of RTM, Commercial Service Division

  5. 8:50AM EST / 2:50PM CET


  6. 8:55AM EST / 2:55PM CET

    How to Empower Your Frontline With Account Experience

    Trishaala  Chengappa
    Vice President of Product Management, CustomerGauge

  7. 9:15AM EST / 3:15PM CET

    Engro Polymer & Chemicals LTD.'s CPG Transformation Through Good CX

    Muhammad Idrees
    Chief Commercial Officer, Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited

  8. 9:30AM EST / 3:30PM CET


  9. 9:35AM EST / 3:35PM CET

    Cambridge University Press and Assessment's Evolution to Customer Centricity

    Vanessa Milan
    Head of Voice of the Customer

  10. 9:50AM EST / 3:50PM CET

    Data-Driven Playbooks by the AX-perts at CustomerGauge

    Cary T. Self
    Global VP of Education and Services

    Janis Donnelly
    Customer Success Director

    Matt Champion
    Global Head of Sales Engineering

    Júlia Domingues
    Implementation Specialist



  11. 10:10AM EST / 4:10PM CET

    From Yarn Frames and Thumbtacks to Transcendent Account Experiences With Sutherland

    Dan Lang
    Senior Vice President

  12. 10:25AM EST / 4:25PM CET


  13. 10:30AM EST / 4:30PM CET

    Defining What 'Good' Looks Like In CX With CPG Experience Council

    Nigel Tordoff
    Chairman of CPG Experience Council

  14. 10:45AM EST / 4:45PM CET

    Fred Reichheld: The Future of NPS is Earned Growth

    Fred Reichheld
    Creator of Net Promoter Score

  15. 11:00AM EST / 5:00PM CET

    Closing Remarks

    Adam Dorrell
    CEO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

    Camilla Scholten
    COO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

  16. 11:15AM EST / 5:15PM CET

    Customers-Only! Academy Live Training

    CustomerGauge Education Team

This Year's Lineup

Featured Monetize! Speakers



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press


Dan Lang

Senior Vice President, Sutherland

Engro Polymer & Chemicals

Engro Polymer & Chemicals

Adam Dorrell

CEO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

Camilla Scholten

COO & Co-Founder, CustomerGauge

Trishaala Chengappa

VP of Product Management, CustomerGauge

Cary T. Self

VP of Education and Services, CustomerGauge


Nigel Tordoff

Chairman, CPG Experience Council


Special Guest

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CustomerGauge Live?

'CustomerGauge Live! How CPG’s Best Brands Use Real-Time CX to Grow Faster' is a virtual event walking FMCG professionals through use cases that leverage customer experience technology to scale business.

Is This An In-Person Event?

No, CustomerGauge Live! will be a webinar hosted on Zoom on April 11th, 9:00am EST / 3:00pm CET.

How Can I Access CustomerGauge Live?

Once you register for our event, we will provide a Zoom link to add to your calendar for easy access on April 11th. 

Who Will Be Speaking at The Event?

Speaking at our event will be:

CustomerGauge Vice President of Product Management, Trishaala Chengappa

CustomerGauge Vice President of Education and Services, Cary T. Self

Do I Have to Purchase a Ticket?

No, you do not have to purchase a ticket.

Can My Entire Team Register?

Of course! We encourage all colleagues, friends, and anyone else interested in learning how CPG's best brands are scaling business with real-time CX to attend.

"I loved every minute of it. My head is bursting with new ideas to bring back into my daily job."

Björn Kats
TNA Solutions

"What a professional and motivating event with the participation of CX leaders across industries. Loved it!"

Christiane Laframboise
Sutherland Global

"Monetize was a genuinely engaging environment of like-minded people sharing their experiences, concerns, and challenges in an open and constructive manner. I would be very surprised if anyone did not have a head and notebook full of ideas, new contacts, and most importantly energy to take back to their business and customers."

Bill Main
Getronics NV

"It was again fantastic. Monetize is my favorite CX event!"

Sigrid Van Duffel
Wolters Kluwer

"Inspiring event with real B2B stories. Learned a lot and will for sure use this in our business at Heineken."

Stefan Visser