Account Experience 
is Changing the Way 
B2B Enterprises Grow

B2B customer experience (CX) programs are failing all over the world at record rates. The experience and success markets are chaotic and rife with confusion. Gurus in both camps are pitching one-size fits all solutions for personalized and complex business operations. Meanwhile, software companies are claiming to be the end all be all solution for every type of business. It’s no wonder we are where we are.

The status quo isn’t cutting it anymore and B2B enterprises need answers, fast. And this time, failure is not an option. Enter Account ExperienceTM.

In this book, we introduce the Account Experience methodology to the world—but it’s not for everyone.

The Account Experience methodology was developed from the ground up for companies looking to:

  • Better retain high-touch, enterprise accounts
  • Monetize accounts via up-sell, cross-sell and referral campaigns to drive significant revenue gains
  • Predict account churn before it happens
  • Create a stellar employee experience to drive exceptional AX
  • And so much more

The world of B2B CX is changing. Will you be at the forefront? 


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